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Dance Par-tay.

6 Aug

Sometimes I lose faith in the Universe.  Doubt rears its ugly head and says, “take that, silly girl.”  And I think what will a walk do? A WALK?  Are you kidding me?  Kids are dying, people are losing their families, and women are maiming themselves as offerings to the cancer god…but don’t worry, people, because I’m going to walk. 

Yesterday was a faith-losing day. A give it up, throw in the towel sort of day.

Today is not.  Today is a kick some ass sort of day.  Get busy living or get busy dying, right?  I have stitches, a scar and weird skin folds where my right breast should be.  So what?  If I have learned anything from this, it’s that it could always be worse. Way, way worse.

This little light of mine is going to rock 60 miles.  Walking isn’t everything, but it’s something.  And I am pretty sure that everything starts with a little bit of  something.

This morning, I offered up all I had that was good to two moms who lost their kids.  And then I blared some music and had a Dance Party.  Xia and I broke it DOWN.  I spun my drain around like it was a fire baton while Xia demonstrated his expertise at Train Hip-Hop.  And while we were dancing like maniacs, I laughed in the face of 9 surgeries, a drain and some cadaver skin.

Take that, Silly Universe.  I’m going to Thriller in your face.


p.s. I would like to point out that the Reno-Tahoe Open is going on right now.  The RTO is the only PGA tournament that has a woman as a director.  That is an obscure fact.  Unless that director happens to be your FREAKING SISTER!  YOU GO, JANA!!!  See?  Not all my genes suck.

Annika & Jana