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Five Treasures and a Falsie.

9 Aug

I feel sort of bad for making fun of Tina’s Treasures because they are really oh-so nice in there.  But I only feel “sort of bad” because “Treasures” is really such a crazy name.  That’s a tough one to brand.

Let’s back up – Drain left me yesterday.  Nothing bittersweet about the departure.  All sweet, no bitter.

As you may or may not have noticed, I have not mentioned my plastic surgeon by name.  This is for no reason other than I am not sure he is the sort of guy that would appreciate being featured in a blog of this kind. Actually, I am quite sure he is not that sort of guy. But I have to mention that yesterday, as the clock ticked 5, 10, 15 minutes after my appointment time, I wondered what was going on as he is never late.  Turns out that my doctor was playing his new guitar in his office.  Odd, right? But on the other hand, sort of human. I guess I like that he likes music.  I looked at his assistant, and said “uhhhh, it’s not like I have a drain ready to be removed or anything.”

I went into his office and asked if he knew Freebird.  And he replied that everyone knows Freebird.  Well, yes, that was sort of the joke.  (My humor is hit or miss.  With him, it is almost always a miss.)  Anyway, Doctor Six String, his assistant (who I love) and I had a nice musical bonding moment.  Then I managed to get him away from James Taylor long enough to take out my drain. And we discussed that the next procedure would involve taking skin from another part of my body.  He said that as calmly as I might say, “let’s have chicken for dinner.” Bonding moment over.

Tina’s Treasures.  With the drain out, I was free to get my falsie.  Hoorah!

Again, the nicest people in there.  My appointment was with Jodi, and she is delightful. (My last fitting was with Nada – also delightful.)  It was actually fun.  And really, let’s think about what I’m saying here: I am in a hospital shop, in a fitting room, in front of a large mirror, staring at stitches & scars where my right breast used to be and getting fitted, at 38 years old, for a fake boob.  This should not be fun.  And yet it was.  Got myself 5 new bras that look like they came from the “I am 100 years old” catalog and the prosthesis.  And I even tried to recruit Jodi to dance Thriller with us.  She didn’t seem sold.  She will be.

Falsie and I then did a little shopping (“new” Tylie Malibu from Poor Little Rich Girl, cute magnets by the fabulous Donna Biggers, Williams Sonoma dish soap), and THEN, when I was at Luci’s for iced tea, I ran into Teammate Shannon and her kids!  Guess how she spotted me from well across the street?  My Team Hope Chest Flipped Bird bag!  (A few left, buy one now.)  So instead of doing anything on my list, I got to chat with Shannon and her girls for a bit.  And really, is there a better way to spend time?  The to-do list will always be there.  New motto.

Got home just in time, Xia found Falsie, brought it to the living room and threw it at me.  And laughed and laughed. And that, Dear Readers, is called karma.


You know you’re curious.  So here’s Falsie.