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Tough As Nails.

16 Sep

It is late.  I am tired.  I was in bed, and on a whim, checked my messages on my phone.

And with that, another friend has cancer.

And now I’m pissed. Is this the right reaction?  What exactly is the correct response here?  Sadness? Sympathy? Compassion? I feel like any one of these would be more appropriate.  But what can I tell you, I’m just angry. I’m angry that this good, good person has to lay there without sleep, tonight and tomorrow and the next night, wondering about the tumor eating at her insides.  Wondering if it is growing, if it is treatable, if it will go away. Wondering about her family and her kids and her finances. Wondering how her life will now be changed. Because it will be.

I am pissed.

I guess I just don’t get it. We put a man on the moon, for the love of God.  We can inject botulism into your forehead and make you wrinkle-free.  I can send you a message from my phone, and like magic, through the air, you’ll get it in a second.  But Cancer? The Big C?  Sorry, no can do, amigos.  This one has us stumped.

I have no answers.  Manalive, do you know the questions I get from this blog?  People asking for my secret to good humor, to wit, to living. People I don’t know asking me what to say to their friends, their loved ones. I am now the Emily Post of cancer. Yay me.

Here is what I say – and I will say it to my friend – you fight.  You fight like a mofo.  You fight like you’ve never fought before because Sweet Jebus, this can not beat you.  It can not take who you are and what you’re made of.  You will find every ounce of courage you have and every shred of BRING IT ON attitude you can muster.

Other friends will cook for you and bring you books and encourage you.  Good for them.  I’m going to tell you to fight. Because you, my friend, are as tough as goddamn nails.